Our Approach

Our intimate approach to financial design helps you purposefully build and implement a roadmap that lets your wealth work for you.

Quantifying wealth is difficult at the best of times, it is for this reason that traditional wealth management focuses on investing, saving, accumulating for the future, shielding you and your family from potential risks and making sure your estate plan is in order. All of these are definitely an integral part of it.

Our intimate approach to financial design helps you purposefully build and implement a roadmap that lets your wealth work for you. We offer a variety of flexible solutions deliberately and precisely addressing the complex financial and investment requirements of high-net-worth individuals, giving you the confidence necessary to live securely, fully, and purposefully.

The following processes are essential in helping us establish a clear direction for your financial future.

Stage 1

  • Establish a written financial profile based on your goals and objectives
  • Examine all of your financial concerns
  • Document your individual investment parameters
  • Identify your risk and volatility tolerances

Stage 2

  • Identify the most appropriate strategy capable of achieving your goals
  • Examine existing retirement planning arrangements
  • Propose several portfolio allocations covering multiple asset classes
  • Target specific investments within each asset class

Stage 3

  • Implement the agreed strategies
  • Involve your retained professionals as necessary (Lawyers, Bankers, Insurers etc.)
  • Acquire investments in line with approved investment plan
  • Prepare and distribute quarterly investment portfolio reports

Stage 4

  • Oversee all investments focusing on both market conditions and macro-economic outlook
  • Adjust asset allocation and weigh assets classes as required
  • Inform you of new investment opportunities as they arise

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