Frequently Asked Questions

Find out more with our frequently asked questions about us and our services.

How would you describe your investment philosophy?

Investment success begins by adopting a prudent and disciplined investment strategy. While many investors “know” what they should do to be successful, they often lack the time, interest, and resources needed to make the most out of their investments.

Somerset Offshore Asset Management’s investment and financial planning advice are grounded in evidence-based research, carefully evaluated and implemented by planners who have taken the time to understand the difference between well conducted, logical academic studies and subjective, agenda-driven research.

How do you help your clients meet their goals?

Anything worth doing takes time, energy, and planning to achieve. While most people accept this as true, unfortunately, many people fail to apply it to investing. We act as a guide to help you reach your chosen destination. Our four step client process ensures that:

  • You will clearly understand who we are, our approach, and why you should work with us.
  • We will clearly understand who you are as individual and what you need as an investor.
  • We will clearly communicate, in writing, our recommendations.
  • We will give you the expertise, knowledge, and discipline to stay on track.

Without this structure, individual investors are quick to give up, which prevents them from reaching their own stated objectives.

How do you define success?

We know that the safest road to financial success is consistently making smart financial decisions. Delivering this aim provides our clients with the “constancy of purpose” needed to make their dreams a reality.

How does Somerset Offshore Asset Management differ from brokerage firms, trust companies, banks, and other asset management firms?

One of the first things you will notice is that we do not use any in-house products and, therefore, do not receive commissions. This eliminates the conflict of interest found at brokers between their desire to sell you a product (and, therefore, receive commissions) and your interests. Instead, we are only compensated by the fee we charge you directly.

For more information please email us at or call
+86 755 23979136 and we will discuss with you the suitability of our services and products.

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