Financial Planning

We realise that there are many areas of your financial life that needs to be addressed. To deliver truly comprehensive financial advice, we must understand what strategies will suit your preferences.

Managing investments, planning for retirement, and minimising taxes comprise the core of our planning services. However, we also realise that there are many other areas of our client’s financial lives that need to be addressed to deliver truly comprehensive financial advice. Our advisers are experienced, knowledgeable and able to provide advice on many different areas.

Our Financial Planning Services include:

  • Wealth Maximisation

    Your adviser will examine the alternatives and provide specific recommendations on the many different dimensions of your wealth to build a plan that gives you the highest possible confidence in your chosen path.

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  • Tax Minimisation

    Conceptually, we all understand that if you pay less in taxes, you will have more of your wealth left to use for the purposes you intend. While nearly everyone would agree that this is true in principle, few people have the necessary mechanisms in place to achieve this in practice.

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  • Estate Planning

    An estate plan will help carry out your long-term plan for your family and provide detailed instructions on how to handle assets that need to be split among multiple family members.

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  • College Planning

    It is never too early to start planning for the cost of college. For many families, this expense is the second largest expenditure they will face in their lifetime behind saving for retirement.

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