Our Investment Approach
  • Our investment approach is an extension of our core mission.

    To provide you with the most valuable investment advice, we take the time to understand what investment strategies are most likely to succeed.

Welcome to Somerset Offshore

Somerset Offshore Asset Management is an asset and private wealth
management firm highly dedicated in providing you with the financial
growth and the peace of mind necessary to live the life you deserve.

Our Mission

Our mission is to capitalise on the cumulative wealth of skills, expertise, experience and years of academic research of our team to help our clients nurture and safeguard their wealth.

  • Our Approach

    Your wealth management plan is formulated and executed based on your lifestyle, circumstance and expected investment returns.
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  • Our Solutions

    Wealth management is more than just managing wealth. It is about enabling you to live life to its fullest.
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  • Our Team

    Your comprehensive financial plan is optimised by a team whose combined expertise brings you the most innovative and integrated strategies for financial growth, retention and succession.
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